Blueberry Mesh Main Board +

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The Blueberry Main Board + is the heart of the Blueberry Mesh network. It contains a Nordic nRF52832 Arm Cortex-M0 SoC with a Bluetooth Low Energy Radio. Each Blueberry Main Board automatically communicates with eachother and other wireless devices including mobile phones and tablets, as well as things like WiFi Internet gateways.

The Main Board + contains enough resource to be compatible with a wide range of Mesh Protocols, including Blueberry Mesh, Bluetooth Mesh, and Nest Thread.

Things on the Main Board:

1 x nRF52832 BLE Module

2 x User programmable switches

1 x User programmable RGB LED

1 x User programmable Accelerometer

1 x 3.3v power supply regulator

1 x 32.768 RTC Crystal

1 x Stackable 32 Pin Blueberry Connector